space clearing

"The home should be the treasure chest of living" ~le corbusier

Your home should be your sanctuary, and if it doesn’t feel good, the energy can be cleared so your space feels warm and inviting to you. You want to walk in and be able to exhale after a long day. You want to be able to sleep peacefully and feel safe. You want the energy that surrounds you to feel inviting and inspiring. If your home doesn’t feel this way to you, or if you sense the presence of unwanted energies, a clearing can help. 

does your space need energy clearing?

the energy feels thick or stagnant
guests report strange happenings or don’t want to stay at your house
you behave differently since you moved in
you hear noises or have issues with lights and electronics

you feel anxious or unsettled
you don’t sleep well or your sleep is disturbed
your space doesn’t feel like your own
you sense energy from someone else in your space

what you might be feeling

For the Sacred Space Clearing, I will come to your home (or office) and we’ll chat about what you have been feeling and experiencing in your space that doesn’t feel right to you. I’ll do an energy reading to sense what doesn’t belong and then do a clearing ceremony to cleanse your space of unwanted and unwelcome energies. Once your space is cleared, you will set intentions for how you want your home to feel and we will bring in light and bless your space. It’s a beautiful process that allows you to reclaim your space and bring in the energies of love, protection and peacefulness so it feels great to be there.

how we work together

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