Hi! I'm Shanti

Energy healing and meditation are powerful tools for self-development and offer innumerable gifts. I am honored to be your healer, teacher and guide as you embark upon this quest to dive deep into your inner world and connect with your deepest self.

The pathway into personal growth & healing looks different for everyone. Perhaps you are going through a life transition or crisis and need some help navigating the emotional terrain. Maybe you are unhappy in your work, business or relationships and want to feel peaceful and fulfilled. Maybe you want to grow personally and spiritually and unlock the highest potential for your life. Whatever has brought you here, I am happy you came! 

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"It is always our own self that we find at the end of the journey.
The sooner we find that self, the better."~Ella Maillart

 cy, santa barbara

“I feel immense support from Shanti. I have access to my spiritual guides and knowledge that the Universe is open to help me achieve my highest self. I’m not alone and doing life wrong! My acceptance of where I’m at without judgement is invaluable!! I’m open and willing to work towards the life that I want now. You are highly intuitive, compassionate, and hold the space of the pain of others as they move through their stuff. You’re amazing!”

TS, san francisco

"I feel lighter and have more energy. I am trying to be more aware and use my awareness to guide me so I can live a life full of energy and focus. I feel that life holds more meaning for me. Before, I was weighed down by my patterns of suffering. Your work has helped me greatly."

MS, Santa Barbara

"Working with Shanti changed my life! I’m not particularly woo-woo (I’m very proud of my scientific mind) and I was immediately drawn to Shanti’s grounded approach. With one workshop intensive and a personal healing from her my life transformed. My world is now as crystal clear and fresh as I knew it could be. I have the utmost respect and appreciation for Shanti’s talents and gifts."

DM, Oregon

"I have a much better picture of what I want in my life, including work. My ability to manifest with this strengthened clarity is amazing and sometimes startling. I feel like I have a trusted partner in my journey, which makes going to the edge and beyond easier and the next natural step. I’m calmer than before I met you. I can handle more at work with relative ease and I am learning to let go of what I don’t." want!

 cd, santa barbara

"Before I started meditation with Shanti, I had a really hard time understanding and dealing with my anxiety. I would hold everything in. Through meditation she has taught me to develop a deeper understanding of how to express myself as well as an emotional connection to my higher self. She has gifted me with some very positive and helpful life tools."

 sc, santa barbara

“Shanti is wise beyond her years. She can identify and clearly articulate what the issue is and the underlying cause and then energetically help release and balance it, addressing the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual/soul aspects of the issue.”

 an, ojai 

“Your workshop was incredibly healing and cathartic. I finally understand the healing and transformative power of setting intentions, focusing on healing and meditation. Thank you so much!”