The power and beauty of energy and spirit that happens in the healing space fills my heart. I love the intimacy of this sacred work as a person reveals the truth of self and unfurls their soul. I love to be a witness to someone’s transformation as it happens right before my very eyes. I love the honor of being in the presence of a heart wrenching cry. I love to sit with people willing to feel their pain, their yearnings and their magnificence as they dive deep into the inner recesses of their souls. I love watching as someone allows their biggest dreams to be released and allowed to fly. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than to witness someone touch their pure potential, activate higher purpose and feel their infinite beingness. 

My own personal healing journey began rather abruptly when I was 19 years old. I was standing at the sliding glass door of my kitchen watching my roommates splashing around in the pool and I suddenly had this intense feeling like there was a volcano inside me about to erupt. It was a huge surge of energy that held years and years of old pain and grief from my childhood that hadn’t been processed. Immediately after that incident, I found an amazing counselor who helped me move through the pain so I could heal. 

That work led me to seek other forms of healing and self-discovery. I met a shaman and had a life altering soul retrieval. During my session I saw and felt energy for the first time and it was like I had come home. All the questions I had had about the greater meaning of life, spirituality and my purpose became crystal clear. I knew without a doubt that there was something greater guiding my life and I got to see it and feel it. 

Those experiences opened me up to a whole new world of healing, energy and personal growth. I became a dedicated student, reading books, attending workshops, working with healers and studying with great teachers. I thought I was going to use all that I learned over the years to help people have healthy, happy relationships and was on track to become a marriage counselor when the Universe intervened with a different plan.

My jaw locked shut one day when I was taking a shower and it was both incredibly painful and quite shocking, since nothing like that had ever happened before. I called my healer and had a session to help move the stuck energy and I had a profound spiritual experience. I heard a voice, a guide, a message, something, that told me I wasn’t supposed to be a marriage counselor, that I was to do higher work. Much to my dismay, the guidance didn’t come with a plan or tell me what I was supposed to do instead. I shared this information with my healer and she told me about the healing school she went to. I looked into the program and knew instantly that it was what I wanted to do. And so, with this bizarre and painful incident, the Universe got me to healing school, thus changing my career path and life forever.

Now I get to support others in moving through their pain and finding their way to the core of self and soul. It is a deep honor and I am so grateful the Universe led me here. 

Shanti Pincock, Ph.D is a certified Energy Healing Practitioner, Meditation Coach and Spiritual Teacher. She received her Ph.D in Healing Science and Research through The School of Advanced Healing in conjunction with the New Mexico Theological Seminary. Shanti attended the Victoria Merkle Center of Energy Medicine and completed a 3-year advanced mastery program. She received her certification as a Past Life Reader in 2005. Shanti uses a combination of techniques to help people dive deep into their innermost beings, heal their souls and transform their lives. When she isn’t seeing clients, you can find her on a beach somewhere in the world with her beloved.